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In common with all rural parishes,

our congregations and supporters in our villages cover the cost of our clergy, maintaining our glorious ancient buildings and contribute to the central costs of the Church, including the pensions of retired vicars who have given their lives to the service of our parishes and the training of new ordinands to continue God’s work in our country.

Surely the buildings are owned by the National Trust? Or the Government?  And isn’t the Church of England very rich anyway?  None of the above!  


Each village congregation is entirely responsible for repairing and paying the running costs of the village church.  And that same congregation also helps to  maintain our national Church – this year, the congregations of the six churches of the Stourdene group will pay £67,000 to our Diocese.

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Wills and legacies

Once you have considered your family and friends in your Will, a legacy gift is one way of helping to protect Christianity and the wonderfulchurch buildings of our benefice.


 A common misconception is that your local church is subsidised in some way but in fact the costs of our buildings and are mission are entirely funded locally by our parishioners.  Thanks to the hard work and generosity of previous generations, our local churches and the pastoral care delivered by our clergy still stand as beacons of hope and continuity in a turbulent world. 


Your contribution, however great or small, is supporting that invaluable effort for the future.

To leave a legacy to one of our churches, we suggest contacting your solicitor, who will advise on the necessary steps and also on the sometimes significant tax advantages of leaving a charitable legacy to your local church, which is a charity.  We are often asked about the different types of legacy, as there are a number of alternatives you may wish to consider:


How you can help.  

We’d love to see you at our services but you can also support us by 


  • making a regular donation by standing order at the link below

  • contributing via the “Church Box” which sits in every church for one-off donations

  • joining the “friends of the Church” associations and supporting other community fundraising activities 

Make a regular donation

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Why not donate today ?


This allows you to specify a sum of money to be granted to your church upon death.


This enables you to leave a specific asset to your church – for example, property, works of art and shares.


This is a gift of all or part of your estate after other legacies and expenses have been paid.


This allows you to leave assets to your church while allowing a named person the continuing benefit of them during his or her lifetime.

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