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"This could be part of the outplaying of my middle-aged crisis!"

This could be part of the outplaying of my middle-aged crisis! Equally, it could be a taking stock of what has happened to every single one of us individually as a result of the pandemic, with the recognition that we are not wanting to simply get back on some sort of treadmill. It might be the coming together and endorsement of a pattern which you have already established – or the beginning of properly paying attention and listening in to the deepest longings of your heart…

This is an opportunity to have company to consider the patterns and habits that make up our days and shape the person you are and are becoming, and to let God not only inform them but transform you as you learn to practise good patterns and habits.

What is this?

Sacred Rhythms is a six-week exploration which is done in the company of others. Running on Tuesdays, the resources will be offered at both 11am and the same resources again at 7.30pm in Ettington church weekly beginning on 8th June.

Ruth Haley Barton is the writer of the material we will be using, which is presented in short DVD clips, in group sharing and in individual reflection. Ruth says, “spiritual disciplines are activities that open us to God’s transforming love and the changes that only God can bring about in our lives.” The seven key disciplines which form the theme for each session are: solitude, scripture, prayer, honouring the body, self-examination, discernment, and sabbath. The monastic tradition would label the weaving of such practices into a rhythm that structures and resources you, a “rule of life.” Sacred Rhythms invites us to look at how this might apply to us and our life, not as a rigid rule that restricts us but a structure which supports us.

As with all our small groups, you would probably get the most out of it if you came to all the sessions, but please feel that you can just come to one or as many as suits. It would help me prepare, however, if you register your interest to or on 07799 220407 and identify which time you will aim for. I look forward to learning alongside you as well as facilitating the group.

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