“Thy Kingdom Come” is now in full flow.  In Stourdene we have made prayer journals and digital family prayer adventure maps available through our Sunday gatherings and the prayer stations are in place - this time using our 6 church porches to maintain Covid safety guidelines.  We would encourage you to visit these over the coming week.  This website contains links to the material for the individual prayer stations, as well as one complete recording for all of them, along with accompanying paperwork that will allow full participation.  Sharon’s prayer walks are taking place this week.

Sharon's prayer walks are taking place this week and you are welcome to join her, as follows:

Monday 17th May: meet at the pond in Armscote (just down towards Ilmington on opposite side from ‘Fuzzy Duck’) at 9am where we begin our prayers and walk from there by road to Halford Bridge by 10.30am and on to the church porch where we will pause to use the prayer station.  From there we will take the field paths to join the road to Newbold that passes by Ettington park and back to Armscote via the road, pausing again to use the prayer station at Newbold church.

Wednesday 19th May: meet at Alderminster church porch at 9am for the prayer station and the short circular walk to the river, then meet at Ettington porch by 10.30am to head on a circular walk down the old Halford Road, nipping across the A429 and along the road to Newbold but leaving on the path that heads uphill and past Grove Farm back to the church porch to use the prayer station.

Friday 21st May: meet at Pillerton church door for 9am for a prayer walk round some of the village returning to use the prayer station, then meet at Butlers church porch by 10.30am to do similar there.

Don’t forget, there are plenty of resources available at https://www.thykingdomcome.global/.

Listen to

'We Seek Your Kingdom'

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"With the love and freedom that comes with this faith inside,

I know that I am calmer, I am stronger and I know that I am happier."

Bear Grylls

"When we pray Thy Kingdom Come, when we pray for our family, friends and neighbours,

to come to know Jesus Christ, we are offering up our broken world for God to fix.

As we pray, we are learning to trust the Father who has adopted us."

Krish Kandiah