Prayer journals, digital family prayer adventure maps, Covid-safe prayer stations in our Benefice churches with links to stourdene,com, Stourdene Soundcloud, prayer walks in our parishes, 'Pause and Pray' with the Diocesan Serving Christ team - just some of the resources that were used in this year's TKC.  You can learn more about this annual initiative and hear stories of this year's successful campaign at https://www.thykingdomcome.global/.

Listen to

'We Seek Your Kingdom'

on Youtube

"With the love and freedom that comes with this faith inside,

I know that I am calmer, I am stronger and I know that I am happier."

Bear Grylls

"When we pray Thy Kingdom Come, when we pray for our family, friends and neighbours,

to come to know Jesus Christ, we are offering up our broken world for God to fix.

As we pray, we are learning to trust the Father who has adopted us."

Krish Kandiah