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Each of our parishes gathers every Sunday on a monthly rotation
with some occasional changes to the pattern to mark the seasons.  When there is a fifth Sunday we celebrate together in a united Benefice Service in one of our six churches.

Worship – Encountering God together 

Services in Stourdene

Please check regularly for updates to our service rotas

as we do occasionally need to make changes to them. 

April 2023

Sunday 2nd April

8am BCP Communion, Ettington

9.30am CW Communion, Halford

9.30am Morning Worship, Newbold-on-Stour

11am Morning Worship, Alderminster

11am CW Communion, Pillerton

7pm Evensong, Butlers Marston

Wednesday 5th April

10am CW Communion, Newbold-on-Stour

Thursday 6th April/Maundy Thursday

7.30pm Stripping the Altar/Vigil,


Friday 7th April/Good Friday

2pm An Hour at the Cross,

Butlers Marston

Sunday 9th April/Easter Day

9.30am CW Communion in

Alderminster, Butlers Marston & Halford

11am CW Communion in

Newbold-on-Stour, Ettington & Pillerton

Sunday 16th April

8am BCP Communion, Pillerton

9.30am Morning Worship, Halford

9.30am CW Communion, Alderminster

11am CW Communion, Ettington

11am All Age Worship with Baptism,


11am Family Service, Butlers Marston

Sunday 23rd April

8am CW Communion, Halford

9.30am Morning Worship, Ettington

9.30am Morning Prayer, Alderminster

9.30am BCP Communion, Butlers Marston

11am CW Communion, Newbold-on-Stour

11am Family Service, Pillerton

Sunday 30th April

10.30am Benefice CW Communion in Pillerton

(this will be the only service in Stourdene that day)


Church Service Guide

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God is real and has made it wonderfully possible to meet with him and know him.

Worship is an important way of meeting with God -  we worship together and offer our lives to Him in the way we follow Jesus and serve others not just on Sundays but every day of the week. 

We long to be a group of churches that not only provide for those who are regular at Church and have decided what they like in terms of worship style but also for those who have never been and would benefit from a simpler, shorter service in accessible language. We work hard to accommodate both.

Holy Communion

Holy Communion is a beautiful service which can be in traditional language (BCP) or contemporary language (CW). It is based on the last time Jesus shared a Jewish Passover meal with his closest followers, just before he was crucified.

He took the Passover elements, which included bread and wine, and explained that from now on the bread would represent his body, broken for us on the cross and the wine would represent his blood, poured out of God’s love for all.

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Morning and Evening Prayer, Family and All-age Services

Other services which do not include Communion help us focus more on prayer and hearing God through His word, the Scriptures. We sing a variety of hymns and worship songs too. These services may be in traditional language (BCP) or contemporary language Common Worship.  


All-age Services are even more informal and often have more modern hymns and creative learning activities. They are not just for children though as we seek to worship and grow in our faith across the generations.  They are often led by members of the congregation.

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