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Benefice Safeguarding Officer

Mrs Jane Evans

Tel: 07802 348309


The Diocesan Safeguarding Adviser can be contacted on 024 76 521345.

Calls are diverted to a 24-hour helpline out of office hours.

The Stourdene Benefice is committed to ensuring the safeguarding of vulnerable children and adults both within its six churches and through its outreach within each parish.

As well as a Safeguarding Officer who oversees the administration of the Disclosure & Barring System, safer recruitment and safeguarding training, the 6 parishes of the Benefice have their own dedicated Safeguarding Officer.

Each church has adopted and displays the Church of England’s National Safeguarding Policy (Promoting a Safer Church) and displays the information for reporting safeguarding concerns or allegations.  Contact Mrs Jane Evans, Benefice Safeguarding Officer if you wish to discuss safeguarding within the Stourdene Benefice.

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